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Our Covid-19 Policy

In the ever-changing environment created by the Coronavirus pandemic, our office is taking additional measures to ensure the safety of our staff and patients. Our new guidelines are based on recommendations from the CDC and the American Dental Association. 

All persons in our office are expected to wear masks unless the doctor has requested that it be removed during a procedure. We have added additional sanitizing procedures in our waiting room combined with curated scheduling to minimize the number of persons in the office at any given time. In a profession where aerosols are generated frequently during operations, we are being proactive by not allowing non-patients into treatment areas. We have also added additional high volume evacuators during aerosol-generating procedures to prevent incidental spread of Coronavirus from patient to operator, and from patient to patient. Instrument sanitation has always been performed in accordance with OSHA guidelines and our sterilizing machines are checked weekly to ensure their efficacy. 

We are constantly updating our protocol to ensure the safety of our staff and patients.

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